What does Home Insurance Cost in South Florida?

Looking for South Florida home insurance?

South Florida home insurance is costlier compared to other regions in the state. If you are looking for home insurance for a property in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach or Broward County, then you are likely to pay five hundred dollars or more than the statewide average. The average premium for home insurance in the state of Florida is around two thousand dollars. This is around eight hundred dollars more than the nationwide average.

Florida is one of the most expensive states for home insurance. This is mostly due to the major risks of natural disasters. In addition, South Florida home insurance according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ is definitely the most expensive in the state. However, there are quite a few factors that can increase or reduce the annual cost of insuring a home in the major and more populous counties.

Those living in Miami-Dade County may pay around five thousand dollars per annum. The cost can easily go up depending on the type of house, exact location, the features covered and other risk factors. When you shop for quotes, you are likely to get annual premiums ranging from just under five thousand dollars to much more.

If you do not want comprehensive coverage and are willing to accept a few exemptions, then you can bring down the cost to around four thousand. It is almost impossible to get South Florida home insurance for less than four thousand unless you have very little coverage and such a policy is practically futile. It is pointless to have coverage that will not really protect you when the time comes.

South Florida home insurance from this website typically maxes out at five thousand six hundred dollars, but rare luxury properties with distinct features that need protection can cost slightly more. The cost is a little less across Broward County. However, you are still going to get quotes of around four thousand dollars and more. The average cost of South Florida home insurance for Broward County is forty-three hundred dollars right now. Such a policy is comprehensive. You can get a policy for around thirty-eight hundred dollars but that will have some crucial exemptions.

Palm Beach home insurance costs more than that in Broward County, but not as much as Miami-Dade County. You can expect comprehensive coverage for around forty-five hundred dollars. It is rare for any insurer to have premiums at less than four thousand dollars for Palm Beach and the immediate surrounding areas. As is the case with insurance everywhere else, you must thoroughly research your options and make an informed decision.